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About us

Best Friends was created in the mindful understanding of the special bond between Humans and our Canine and Feline Friends. We are a company which puts the needs and care of your beloved companion first. Our resort is designed to be a "Home away from Home" feel. We understand the importance of socializing groups for daytime enrichment and healthy stimulation both mentally and physically. 

Our Spa Packages offer the relaxation that our canine friends deserve after a full day of sports, running, and lounging by the pools. It also helps to develop healthy skin and coat. Not to mention the pleasing smell on the ride home. 

Our suites for our overnight guests are designed to be as relaxing and private as we can offer. They will accommodate all of their personal belongings such as beds, toys, and their favorite t-shirt with your scent on it to make them feel comfortable and at home. Upon arrival you will fill out their meal plan as to when room service shall be delivered.

We look forward to being your number one resort for all your companion's needs and developing our own personal bond with your Best Friend.

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